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The state of Guanajuato is located in the central part of Mexico. Quite a few of its villages are small, isolated, away from the cities and in the middle of the dry mountains. Their inhabitants live out of agriculture and cattle breeding.
Guanajuato has the 3rd highest rate of migrants from Mexico to the U.S. Most of them are men, who illegally cross the border to the U.S. with the hope of finding a job and making money. Unfortunately, more than half of them will decide not to come back and will stop supporting their family.
Therefore, the women are left alone in desperate need to provide for their children, as well as taking care of the community. We have been to villages where you hardly see a man older that 18.
Mano Rosa goes to these villages to reach the children, the women and the few elder men that remain.

Mail: mano.rosamex@yahoo.com

What do we do ?

Throughout the year, we collect everything we can bring to these communities, from a kilo of rice to full bags of gold coins, which we will 100% recycle into blankets and toys
No operating costs. You give one euro, they will receive a one euro gift.

There is nothing like seeing a big smile on a child’s face when getting a toy.
When the day arrives, we all jump into our cars and trucks and off we drive !
During 3 days, we go to about 30 villages, where we are already eagerly expected.